Search Companion Marketing

Why has the name changed from “Search Companion Marketing” to “Display Select Keywords” #digitalltrends

One reason, the name was changed because the name “Search Companion Marketing” was closely associated with the old method of targeting that depended primarily on search referrals. The name “Display Select Keywords” is more representative and descriptive of the selective keyword targeting that is used to target ads today.

Additionally, the name “Display Select Keywords” identifies the product as being a derivative of Keyword Targeting. Keyword targeting is a familiar concept to advertisers, so the perception of Display Select Keywords is as Googles more selective, higher-performing option of traditional Keyword Targeting, and not a completely new product advertisers have to familiarize themselves with.

Also, the behavior of this tuning is similar to the display portion of Search Network with Display Select campaigns (SNDS) so the ‘Display Select’ nomenclature keeps it aligned with its performance.

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