7 easy steps to create leads through LinkedIn

You would not believe this, but this is true that you can create leads through your LinkedIn account.

Here’s how:

The below mentioned steps are going to blow your mind and at the end of this article you will practically have a list of email ids with names and details like organization they are working in and the portfolios they are handling.

Step 1:

Login in to your LinkedIn account with your credentials


Step 2:

Now, when you have logged into your account, mouse over the cursor om “My Network”tab and click on “Connections”.

: linkedin2

Step 3:

On the top right side of the screen is a “gear” or “settings” option as shown below in the image, click on it


Step 4:

Now in the Advanced setting option click on “Export LinkedIn Connections”


Step 5: 

Choose the format which suits you best an click on “Export”

Linkedin 5Step 6:

Fill in the word/numbers shown in the verification / Captcha code


Step 7:

The file has been downloaded on your computer / laptop. Now open the file and all your LinkedIn contacts along with their names and other details are available.


The email ids which have been extracted here can be used for multiple purposes, right from targeting custom audiences on Facebook, Email Marketing, direct one-on-one marketing and so on.

Ideally, you must keep taking a download of this data for you never know when LinkedIn stops allowing users to do it. So if you haven’t done it so far, then right now wouldn’t be too bad a time either.

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Please note that its a re-published article.

If you have any specific questions, post them in the comments below



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